Day 12: Random Acts of Kindness


We usually give a Christmas card with a gift card inside to our mail carrier every year around Christmas as a ‘thank you’ gesture. Growing up I remember my mom doing this every year and it’s something I have continued to do. I think it’s nice to show appreciation for the people who deliver your mail, pick up your trash, recycling, etc.

A lot of the times their job goes unnoticed by the majority of us, but if they weren’t there doing their job we would have some problems! I’m sure it’s a frustrating job dealing with people who are always complaining and getting upset with you (like it’s directly your fault). Note the sarcasm there.

I feel like it’s nice to show our appreciation for just doing their job and making sure we have our mail. We have a great mail carrier. He is so nice and the kids love running out to get the mail from him. I hope him and his family have a great Christmas and that he knows we appreciate his hard work! Especially around the crazy holiday season!

Remember to spread some kindness today! It’s contagious 🙂

-Hannah (City Sis)-

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