Day 8:Random Acts of Kindness


Pretty self-explanatory. We usually make a habit of this if we are at the playground or the  store and see trash lying around. So, it’s nothing new for Aubrey and myself to pick up litter. A lot of the times Aubrey will spot trash and point it out to me, then ask if it’s ok to go get it and throw it away.

Today we decided to pick up trash in our neighborhood to make it look nice, and make sure the animals we have, that run around don’t eat it and get sick. I put our youngest in the stroller and we headed out. It was only about a 20 minute project.

I feel like she is learning a valuable lesson about the environment and taking care of our planet. We have a beautiful planet that people trash and destroy everyday. We need to learn to take care of it! Before I trail off, that’s another post for another day!

Remember to spread some kindness today. It’s contagious 🙂

-Hannah (City Sis)-

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