Day 7: Random Acts of Kindness


For this act of kindness we bought a gift for a boy and a girl. Our 4-year-old (Aubrey) chose the little boy who lives across from us to give the gift for a boy to and she chose a girl at random when we went to the store. My husband thought this was really strange giving a gift to a stranger, and yes, it sounds odd because people don’t just give random people something just to be nice.

All I did was explained that we are doing random acts of kindness and that my daughter would like to give your son/daughter a gift, just because. The lady at the store looked at me a little confused but she was very kind and gracious. We talked for a few minutes then went out separate ways. It really wasn’t awkward or strange. It just caught her off guard, because like I said, that’s not the “norm” in our society.

Here’s what we bought for the gifts.


Aubrey has already asked if we are buying more toys for other kids. I think it’s great that she is thinking of others at such a young age already.

Remember to spread some kindness today. It’s contagious 🙂

-Hannah ( City Sis)-

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