Day 3: Random Acts of Kindness


Day three was all about donating items to our local animal shelter. This one was lots of fun to do with the kids. We went to the store and picked out some goodies for all the dogs and cats, which was an exciting adventure. If they had their way we would have walked out of the store with every single toy and treat that they had. Instead this is what we ended up with.


Being able to be involved with helping out animals was a great learning experience for the kids, especially our 4 year old. Also, to show that we should not only be kind to each other but to our animal friends as well!

Animal shelters are usually looking for the basics when it comes to donations. Food, toys, bowls, blankets, towels, etc. You can always look up a shelter by you and they will usually have a list of what they need. If you have any of those things lying around your house unused, or if you can go out and buy some of those things, think about donating them to your local animal shelter. It would be a great blessing and the workers (and animals!!) will definitely appreciate it!

-Hannah (City Sis)-

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