Day 2: Random Acts of Kindness


Today we paid for the person behind us at Panera. There have been a couple of times where I have gone to Starbucks, to get my coffee, and I find out the person in front of me paid for it. It is such an awesome feeling! Each time I thought, wow, that person was thoughtful enough to be aware outside of their world to think about someone else. It may seem like a small and insignificant act but to someone else it could make their whole day!

I have done this several times at the Starbucks drive-thru myself (we are there a lot!) This past summer our 11 year old daughter asked me “why did you do that?!?”. She was really confused. I explained to her that it’s nice to think about other people and not be consumed with ourselves and our own busy lives. Something as simple as paying for their coffee could bring a smile to their face. The thought of making someone else happy makes me happy.

She then proceeded to say “why don’t you tell them you paid for them?”. Again, I explained to her that we shouldn’t be kind to other people for recognition or to be able to say “Hey! Look what I’ve done for you!”. The whole point is to be kind for no reason and not to expect something in return for it.

The next time we went to Starbucks she pulled out $2 that she had in her purse to pay for the person behind us 🙂 Just another reminder that kids learn more from example, not just by saying something to them.

Don’t forget to spread some kindness today! It’s contagious 🙂

-Hannah (City Sis)-

One thought on “Day 2: Random Acts of Kindness

  1. rjforester says:

    Another great article Sweetie! When in the Starbucks at 81St & Mingo I was behind a young Tulsa County Sheriffs Deputy who was buying his morning coffee. I stepped up the the cashier and politely asked her to place his order on my bill. I think he was caught a little off guard and I told him it was my pleasure and thanked him for his service to our county. It certainly made my day better and I hope his as well. 😉

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