Why We Chose To Homeschool

Why We Chose To Homeschool

I will never forget when my husband and I decided to homeschool.  Yes, I knew it was what needed to be done but it scared me to death. Why would we choose to homeschool?  I hear so many moms talk about how they wished their husbands would be on board with homeschooling. Several of these men give their wives the chance to homeschool and their husbands quickly come to the other side. My husband was on board before I ever was. I guess that proves my husband is more spiritual than me. Or he had a lot of confidence in me to be able to teach (lol).  No, really I had no teaching degree and felt completely unqualified. I don’t even have a college degree. My husband on the other hand is “Mr. Smarty Pants” with his biological science degree, master’s degree, and black belt in statistics. I mean really, what does that even mean? When he told me he was studying for his black belt I was like great you are doing karate! Yes, this is what my poor children have to face each and everyday of their schooling process! So again, people are asking why we chose to homeschool?

I say this in all fun but the reality is choosing to homeschool is a HUGE decision. When God has called you to pursue and do, it is scary to step out in faith and face it head on. My husband and I did have a little experience in the homeschool world. We were both homeschooled for a couple of years throughout our education. In the end we both graduated from the same public high school. We were big public school proponents. So, when we had children we knew they would attend public school.

All four of our children attended public school and they all had amazing teachers. My oldest daughter’s first grade teacher was an incredible teacher. Olyvia thrived with her and naturally we asked for Corbyn to be in her class the next year. What made her incredible was she saw the differences each of them had in their learning skills. Not only did she see this but she was able to cater to that. Olyvia was quiet and sweet, had to work hard, try hard and excelled in Math. Corbyn was exciting, all or nothing, bored easily, think outside of the box guy. Yet, he thrived in her class as well. But, the older my children got I kept getting this nudge of its time to bring them home. The Lord was telling me it was time to choose homeschooling for my children’s education.

That nudge became a push when my husband said we needed to start homeschooling our oldest. After that, we begin homeschooling all of them within 2 years. Thankfully, I was able to bring my children home one at a time, which gave me the chance to wrap this whole homeschooling thing around my head! Now that you have a little of the background here are the main reasons why we chose to homeschool.

Why we chose to homeschool:

  1. We can choose the curriculum.  This is so important because all of my children learn differently. I have some who excel in Math, I have some that excel in every subject. One that loves to read and another that hates to read. Some of my children have to work hard and apply themselves. Others I have to find more challenging work for them. I have two visual learners, one auditory learner and one kinesthetic learner. All of this is okay because I can choose the curriculum that fits each of their learning needs.
  2. We are more involved with their education. This goes hand in hand with choosing curriculum. As I already said each of my children have different learning styles. We are able to provide natural learning along with book learning. My kids were able to learn fractions quicker through cooking. They also learned measurements and angles by helping their dad build things. This is just real world math. Some days we don’t want to learn the dry facts of a subject. So, I will read a living book to my kids that is about history or science. I have a child that loves to draw and one that loves to do crafts. Truthfully, I hate crafts! I wish my sister lived closer because I could send my artsy fartsy kids to her. Instead I carve out the time to do these things with my kiddos.
  3. There is no time clock. Not having to watch the time constantly makes our schooling more relaxed. There is no changing classes or I only have 45 minutes to teach this. Instead my kids can learn at the pace they need to. If they don’t understand something or get frustrated we can put it away and try again later. I have a son that has a ton of energy. He cannot sit for long periods of time. After working for about an hour it is time to go play basketball or do some activity for 15 minutes. Once the 15 minutes is up he is ready to come back and do more school. When I first started this with him, he could only go for about 20 minutes. It’s exciting to watch the older he gets the longer he can focus and sit. If we are in a season and need to start school later or earlier we can do that. Last year we did most of our school Monday-Thursday and had Friday’s off. My kids loved it and it was a great motivator to get school done to have a free day.
  4. We can spend more time with our children. I know there are mom’s out there rolling their eyes and thinking it’s another homeschool mom who loves spending time with her children. Honestly, I have days that I want to pull my hair out and lock myself in the bathroom and never come out (I may or may not have done this before). We never have perfect days but we do have perfect moments. I love seeing my children light up at a science experiment. I love watching their interest in history from reading a living book. I love when they have been working so hard on a math problem and they finally get it. I love taking my kids on field trips! When my kids were in public school I actually took them out of school to go on field trips. Yes, I was the parent emailing the teacher about this awesome place I was taking them and why they would not be at school (thankfully, their school had no problem with this). With homeschooling I do not have to send emails or make arrangements. Now we can pack a lunch, get in the car and head out. I enjoy being able to spend the day with my children.

Choosing to homeschool is not for everyone. Whether your children go to public, private, Christian or homeschool you make the decisions on what is best for your family. Every family is different and I am thankful that God made all of us unique.

Why did you choose to homeschool?

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