Composting at Home

We are still in the middle of winter but it is the season to start planning and even planting seeds for the garden.  There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into growing healthy plants. Good soil is important when planting your flowers or produce. Composting is an easy way to start. We started … [Read more…]

My Minimalist Journey

My Minimalist Journey The countdown for Christmas has arrived! Every store I walk in the shelves are full with holiday toys, decorations and food. With all the materialistic consumerism and commercials and the stores pushing the “buy more, have more” attitude, I thought this would be a good time to start a series about minimalism. … [Read more…]

Fair Season

I love the fair!  The food, the animals, the exhibits, and spending time with my family.  This year we did two fairs and my sister was here to join us.  It was such a fun time to spend together.  My kiddos are in 4H and they put some items in the fair including chickens.  My youngest has … [Read more…]