Fair Season


I love the fair!  The food, the animals, the exhibits, and spending time with my family.  This year we did two fairs and my sister was here to join us.  It was such a fun time to spend together.  My kiddos are in 4H and they put some items in the fair including chickens.  My youngest has her daddy convinced to enter goats next year!

This was our first year to do entries in the fair and it got a little overwhelming.  My husband was out on business for the week and the kids and I were working on their projects, entry forms and making sure we put everything in its right division.  Amilya, my youngest, is a cute little cloverbud and she had fun making a sock puppet, decorating a placemat, baking cookies and painting a ceramic.  I love the projects when they are young, its simple!  The boys entered their iron work they made plus their favorite chickens.  Thankfully my sister was here to help Olyvia finish up her pajama pants.  What a nightmare delight!  My girl is patient but when you are ripping out seams for the 5th time and trying to mess with elastic it is frustrating.  Despite all the hard work we had fun!



The kids took home six 1st place ribbons, and several 2nd place ribbons.  Corbyn’s black iron dinner bell made it to the state fair where he placed 5th.  He was excited to see that ribbon amongst all the competition.  My awesome sister bought Disney on Ice tickets for all of us (my oldest was glad to skip out on the Disney show and go have fun with our church at a youth conference).  So, we wondered around the state fair after the show and looked at all the exhibits.  There was something for everyone.  Exercise equipment, voter registration booths, playgrounds, butterfly tent, jewelry, hot tubs, RV’s,  hand carved furniture, and the kids favorite the birthing center.  They watched one of the mama pigs delivering piglets.  My niece and nephew loved the petting zoo.  They were petting and chasing after all the goats, pigs, calves, even a kangaroo and llama!  We all wore ourselves out with all the activities and fried food.

We all continued to stuff our faces with yummy fair food.  My sweet husband bought my favorite, kettle corn!  My sister and I shared fried pickles while the kiddos ate fries, chicken fingers, funnel cakes, caramel apples, lemonades, need I go on! Both fairs were a blast.  We all went home beat! This little guy is proof!


What do you like best at the fair?  What is your favorite food from the fair? Would love to hear about your trips to the fair!

-Farm Sis-

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