About Me

Hi there! Welcome to Farm Sis City Sis! Our names are Amber [aka farm sis] and Hannah [aka city sis] and we are two sisters with a love for food, family, simple and natural living. We live halfway across the country from each other and decided to start this blog as a way to keep in touch and have a ‘sister project’ to do together.

Amber is married with four kids ranging from ages 15 down to 9 years old. Her husband has Crohns disease, so she is continuously learning to adjust their lifestyle and eating habits with farm fresh food and cutting out most of the processed food and making it herself. She also home schools all four of her children. Between school and all the extra curricular activities her family participates in, busy life requires her to come up with easy recipes that don’t take forever and that are budget friendly. Amber loves baking, lazy days [which are few and far between with four kids], and dark chocolate.

Hannah is married with 3 children, ages 4 years to 13 years old. She has chosen a vegan lifestyle and her son is also gluten intolerant. Staying busy with the kids, she likes to have quick and easy recipes! Hannah loves to find new ways to be eco-conscience and trade out toxic products for more natural ones. As well as saving money while doing it. She has a passion for living simply, healthy, and enjoying every moment with her family.

This is our journey together figuring out what works best for our families, and provide support for each other. We would love for you to join us and find helpful tips for your family was well!